$190  Mega :  VA-VooM!   (90 LPE)

$150  Full :  MOST DESIRED LOOK!   (70 LPE) 

$115  Semi-Full :  Natural, yet NOTICEABLE   (55 LPE)

$85  Starter :   Introductory, to see if lashes are for you.  VERY NATURAL   (40 LPE)

*LPE:  Lashes per eye


$35     1 week touch-up

$49     2 week follow-up

$59     3 week follow-up

$75     4 week follow-up

$100+ Extensive Touch up at any week.   Expect this if you have lost most of your lashes.

NOTE: Always arrive for appointment with eye area clean and free of any foundation or eye makeup.  You may be asked to rewash the area upon arrival if not clean.  A squeaky clean surface gives the best adhesion and longer lasting eyelash extensions for you!

Lashes are perfect for the girl on the go!  Most of my lash ladies have busy lives and lashes save them time in the morning getting ready to get their day going!  A little blush, gloss and you are on your way.  Fuller sets of lashes give the illusion that you are wearing eyeliner because of the density.  Great benefit!

Lashes are great for summertime.  You can go to the beach, swim in the pool, sauna or hot tub.  You can also exercise regularly with extensions.  Make sure to wash regularly after activity as sweat may have accumulated at the lash line and will sting when it runs in your eyes.

How to care for your lashes (you tube video)

What are lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are  synthetic lashes that are individually applied to your own natural lashes one at a time.  This is a careful and skilled process.  Your initial procedure can take from one to 2 hours.  The application is so relaxing you may even fall asleep–really.

The thickness and length of the extensions will depend on your own natural lashes.  Consideration will be taken to keep your own lashes healthy and intact.  We will discuss what look you would like to see and what is recommended for your lash health.

Longevity of your lashes are determined by your own lash turnover cycle and care at home.  I have had clients return for a one month appointment with three-quarters of the lashes originally applied, but I have also seen clients return in 2 weeks that don’t adhere to care guidelines come back with little to almost none.   With normal wear and care, regular touch-ups are needed every 2-3 weeks to keep initial set volume.

Guidelines are:  cleansing twice daily with special lash shampoo (provided), no mechanical an eyelash curler (unnecessary), only using water based mascara sparingly on special occasions, keeping lash area free of oil containing skin care products, refrain from playing with lashes, pulling and tugging (if a lash is loose and bothering you, please call to come in for a quick fix).

Long term eyelash wear is a commitment to follow-up appointments and careful at home care (please watch video above).

*If you experience a reaction following your lash application; redness of the eyelids or swelling–call immediately.  You may be having an allergic reaction to the adhesive and need to have lashes removed.

The video and before and after below are the same client